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Final Weeks-Time to Debrief

Well, this is it! The semester has come to its end! With all of our sweat and tear, I think it was worth it at the end. There were a lot of ups and downs through the semester. From technical difficulties, to different work ethics, to needless drama, I think we hit all the bumps like a real production company.

Overall, this class over all was much more organized than the previous collaborative class. I think everyone learned from our previous class what we need to avoid doing. Everyone needed to keep everyone accountable for finishing tasks on time and not procrastinate. There were a lot of miscommunication throughout but overall, we did a good job sorting it out.

Finally, our end products are a killer. I think that it’s our most polished pieces that this class has produced. Not only is it esthetically pleasing, we produced meaningful work. Im glad that I waited until my second semester of my junior year to take this class because I know that my skill wouldn’t have been up to par. Im excited to see what I’ll help produce my final year here at CCAD.


This is IT! Our time has finally come for the final shoot with watershed (or at least I hope so).  For our last shoot, we scheduled an interview with the two owners, Greg and Dave. We met with Greg when he gave us a mini tour of Watershed, but we have never met with Dave. Again, the set is the same except this time we need our sound guy, Sam. The creative lead decided that we should shoot the interview in the barrel room because it give the most essence of Watershed. Although there was a lot of echo in the room, we figured that we could fix that in post (HA).

During our shoot, Tj stepped up to interview the first half and Phil for the second half so that the director, Kelly, can make sure everything is good on screen. Even though we had a limited amount of lighting, I think we made the shot looking as best as we could.

Here’s our final teaser!!!