Final Weeks-Time to Debrief

Well, this is it! The semester has come to its end! With all of our sweat and tear, I think it was worth it at the end. There were a lot of ups and downs through the semester. From technical difficulties, to different work ethics, to needless drama, I think we hit all the bumps like a real production company.

Overall, this class over all was much more organized than the previous collaborative class. I think everyone learned from our previous class what we need to avoid doing. Everyone needed to keep everyone accountable for finishing tasks on time and not procrastinate. There were a lot of miscommunication throughout but overall, we did a good job sorting it out.

Finally, our end products are a killer. I think that it’s our most polished pieces that this class has produced. Not only is it esthetically pleasing, we produced meaningful work. Im glad that I waited until my second semester of my junior year to take this class because I know that my skill wouldn’t have been up to par. Im excited to see what I’ll help produce my final year here at CCAD.


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