This week, there was a lot of shoots between the 4 groups.

First I helped out with the watershed shoot, but this one was different than the previous shoots. We ventured out to the back where all the magic happens! Again, we were split into two groups, the RED team and DSLR team. The RED team tackled the labeling process with 60 fps and the DSLR team tackled everything else in the room. This shoot in particular was successful out of all the other shoots because there was so much to cover within the short amount of time. If someone wasn’t on the red team, they were helping me shoot with their DSLRs. Again, I was hoping to get more interaction with the staff but I didn’t get as much as I wanted to.

This shoot over all was the most productive in a way that everyone had a job to do. Fingers crossed that rest of the semester goes this way


For Tomi, this was my first shoot with them because my work schedule never worked with theirs. We had a very late start because make up took way too long. I wished he would have scheduled make up way before the crew call but what can you do? When we got the ball rolling though, the lighting looked really nice. I’ve never worked with gel so it was a nice new scene to work with. Also, I’ve never worked with Sean on set and I was interested on how he worked as a director and as a DP.


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