week 6

Alright- it is our first official day of shooting at Watershed. For this project, Tj and I will be co-dps together. Since Tj is more knowledgeable with the RED, I suggested that he shoots  with the RED and I shoot with my 6D. But, since my dslr maxes out 1080p, we decide that Tj will shoot in 2k, 60 fps.

Im not sure if it was a good idea of bringing everyone from class to watershed because our first day, we were shooting the front room and that room is small. Throughout the shoot, there weren’t enough jobs for people to do, so people were getting annoyed of just being there. Also for the shooter, people were getting in the way and it was much easier with all the access body out of the room. But, all in all, I didn’t think our first shoot was too bad.


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