Final Weeks-Time to Debrief

Well, this is it! The semester has come to its end! With all of our sweat and tear, I think it was worth it at the end. There were a lot of ups and downs through the semester. From technical difficulties, to different work ethics, to needless drama, I think we hit all the bumps like a real production company.

Overall, this class over all was much more organized than the previous collaborative class. I think everyone learned from our previous class what we need to avoid doing. Everyone needed to keep everyone accountable for finishing tasks on time and not procrastinate. There were a lot of miscommunication throughout but overall, we did a good job sorting it out.

Finally, our end products are a killer. I think that it’s our most polished pieces that this class has produced. Not only is it esthetically pleasing, we produced meaningful work. Im glad that I waited until my second semester of my junior year to take this class because I know that my skill wouldn’t have been up to par. Im excited to see what I’ll help produce my final year here at CCAD.



This is IT! Our time has finally come for the final shoot with watershed (or at least I hope so).  For our last shoot, we scheduled an interview with the two owners, Greg and Dave. We met with Greg when he gave us a mini tour of Watershed, but we have never met with Dave. Again, the set is the same except this time we need our sound guy, Sam. The creative lead decided that we should shoot the interview in the barrel room because it give the most essence of Watershed. Although there was a lot of echo in the room, we figured that we could fix that in post (HA).

During our shoot, Tj stepped up to interview the first half and Phil for the second half so that the director, Kelly, can make sure everything is good on screen. Even though we had a limited amount of lighting, I think we made the shot looking as best as we could.

Here’s our final teaser!!!


This week, there was a lot of shoots between the 4 groups.

First I helped out with the watershed shoot, but this one was different than the previous shoots. We ventured out to the back where all the magic happens! Again, we were split into two groups, the RED team and DSLR team. The RED team tackled the labeling process with 60 fps and the DSLR team tackled everything else in the room. This shoot in particular was successful out of all the other shoots because there was so much to cover within the short amount of time. If someone wasn’t on the red team, they were helping me shoot with their DSLRs. Again, I was hoping to get more interaction with the staff but I didn’t get as much as I wanted to.

This shoot over all was the most productive in a way that everyone had a job to do. Fingers crossed that rest of the semester goes this way


For Tomi, this was my first shoot with them because my work schedule never worked with theirs. We had a very late start because make up took way too long. I wished he would have scheduled make up way before the crew call but what can you do? When we got the ball rolling though, the lighting looked really nice. I’ve never worked with gel so it was a nice new scene to work with. Also, I’ve never worked with Sean on set and I was interested on how he worked as a director and as a DP.

Getting there

Alrighty, were getting close to the end of the semester. That means were getting closer to the final product. So far, we produced 2 short teasers with all the clips we filmed. As a DP, I’m a little bummed that our shots were so limited. I think 80% of the shots we have are beauty shots of liquor bottles. But, we were limited to these shots because thats what we had permission shooting so far. I’m hoping for our next shoot days that we will get more interacting shots of employees and of them working. I’m also hoping that the staff are impressed and excited for the final documentary.


week 080

Alrighty- we’re more than half way through the semester with lots of progress made with all the projects.

Watershed- sorting through all the videos ( had to take a week break from  shooting                                          because they were not ready for us this week.)

COMA- Getting more interior and exerior shots with the dolly and RED

Tomi Jones- began shooting lip syncing scenes

Mr.Anderson- shooting again with the band, and b-boy shot with red on a jib

We’re making good progress here people! Im sure there will be mini trailers/teasers coming soon.


week 6

Alright- it is our first official day of shooting at Watershed. For this project, Tj and I will be co-dps together. Since Tj is more knowledgeable with the RED, I suggested that he shoots  with the RED and I shoot with my 6D. But, since my dslr maxes out 1080p, we decide that Tj will shoot in 2k, 60 fps.

Im not sure if it was a good idea of bringing everyone from class to watershed because our first day, we were shooting the front room and that room is small. Throughout the shoot, there weren’t enough jobs for people to do, so people were getting annoyed of just being there. Also for the shooter, people were getting in the way and it was much easier with all the access body out of the room. But, all in all, I didn’t think our first shoot was too bad.

week 007

Watershed Shot List

The time has come to start shooting at watershed again~ Since we have two DPs on this project, we decided that I tackle the front of the house and TJ tackle the barrel room. I was in charge of shooting everything in the front room including all the bottles and merchants. I know this is very similar to what we did last week but, it was all pans and tilts. After looking at all the footages, not all shots were as stable as we would have liked.

So, we decided that we needed to mix up a bit with some slide shots.

p.s. Not to boast or anything, I think Tj and I killed it today.

week five

Last Tuesday, Watershed had another set of fermenters put in into their place. Before, they were limited to making only one kind spirit at a time, now they are limited less on making bigger batches.  So, with this big event, we had Sam and TJ to set a go pro in the morning so we can get a time lapse video of the new fermenters put in. After our class, Kelly and I went back to grab the go pro.

Next Thursday we will actually start shooting*** We’ve been taking baby steps but now were ready to take full strides towards the documentary.

week four

For watershed, we made our schedule for the rest of the semester for watershed. I know these are soft deadlines but we are hoping that we will be able to meet our final deadline for the end of the year show. COLLAB SP 2016_Schedule_v04_2016_Watershed

For Mr.Anderson, I am in charge of behind the scene and this week was the first week of shooting. This music video is more experimental than any other videos I’ve worked on. By experimental, I mean green screen. I also have never worked with a live band before so it was a nice change of scene for me. In this music video, we are using all the high end production equipment to give it more of a production value.

watershed week 3

We were finally able to visit watershed to do some location scouting. All the workers were very friendly, and Greg, the co owner gave out class a mini tour. Since all of my classmates are so young, we didn’t really have too much to ask about the process of making their spirits. But, this is when our instructor stepped in and asked the questions for us.

When we got back from location scouting, we looked at everyones photos and videos. I could tell that everyone looked excited because this was the first step to make a great documentary.