Collab projects 

The way we started the Collaborative projects class was more productive than any other group based classes. Unlike the digital cinem class, we are doing 4 films staggering one another so the last project isn’t pushed off until the end. The four projects our class ended up with was : Watershed distillery documentary, Columbus Museum of Art, and 2 music videos. With these four projects, everyone in our class was assigned to either a director (to the ones who pitched the idea) or a producer.

I was assigned to the role of producer and director of photography for the Watershed distillery and art depart,met for the narrative music video. I haven’t had a role of producing yet so I have to step up my game for this documentary. Thankfully I will have TJ to coproduce with me so he can help me when needed.

The second week, we met in class to finalize our ideas and talks to our potential candidate. Kelly, director for Watershed, had a foot in the door.  Her close friend is one of the very few workers and he could forward our proposal letter onto the founders. Now all we have left to do it wait and research more on what kind of documentaries we want to have.

Within these short two weeks, I can sense that everyone in our class will do their best to achieve our goals. I am excited to start our first project so we can get into the groove, and figure out how everyone else works in their environment.





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