My turn to direct. Woah.

After finishing up Walhalla, 4 of the students were assigned a certain date to direct their own short. I was one of the students to volunteer because I have never directed with an actual crew. I didn’t have an idea in my mind but I couldn’t give up the opportunity. Fortunately, my day to direct was the last day of class, leaving me enough time to think of an idea. I knew I didn’t want to have a serious narrative, rather a comical video. What I wanted to get out from this shoot was not to have a golden product, but to learn what I need to do to be a better director. This I certainly  achieved.

My idea was to have one of my classmates have his own segment of MTV Cribs. I have an access to a really nice city loft so I used that as my location.  The night before, I took pictures of all the room, so that I am able to leave the place exactly how it looked before and better. *Shout out to Heather Oaks.

My favorite thing I did to prepare for the shoot was photoshopping Sam in historically famous pictures. It was time consuming, but the laughter from the finish product did me proud.

During the shoot, there was a lot of bumps that could have been avoided. I didn’t want to be a super controlling, nagging director, but I realized after the shoot that I needed to be one. Im too much of a people pleaser, and that got in the way of making a better film.

Overall, this experience was a good experience. Before the shoot, I regretted so much for volunteering. I didn’t want to seem like a failure in front of my peers. But, now I am few steps

closer to finding out what I want to do in life.


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