Week 2

Week 2 included our 3rd day of shoot. This day was a short day because our goal was to get shots of the characters walking and wondering through the forest. We were also trying to get a shot of the characters arriving at the location with their car, but we had to scrap it due to unforeseen circumstances.

From the production side, there wasn’t much that Sam and I could do to prepare. All we could offer was to bring book bags, camera, and a map. As a joke, I greeked couple logos to make our experience feel more like a legitimate shoot. Overall, day 3 of shoot was more of a lighter day in front and behind the camera.

Few days after, our crew went location scouting for different bridges in town. We went to couple different bridges, but we ended up liking the one in Glen Echo Park better. Even though there are bright murals of birds on the walls, we liked the size and the feel of this bridge. Also, we thought the mural wouldn’t give us too much trouble if we were to shoot it with the drone.

Glen Echo Park

Our chosen bridge

Talents’ coffee break bonding time

not Canon

not The North Face

Going over our non existing lines


DR. M- digital cinema project 1

For digital cinema class’s fief project, we are shooting a short horror/mystery film. My role in this film is to be apart of the art department. I have worked as a PA for the art department so I thought it would be good to bring set knowledge to school. I am also acting as the female lead (despite my acting skills) because of a last minuet confusions with our previous actor.  

 First week of shooting went great! There were some rough patches but I think as a team, we overcame a lot of these obstacles.