This video was a challenge. I wasn’t even planning on filming my sister until the last minute. Since she is still learning to drive, I couldn’t focus too much on the recording (to make sure I don’t die.) So, the last couple of scenes were out of focus.
When I was recording , I didn’t have anything in mind for a concept. At the end, I thought “running away from your problems” was suiting.


Running out of Ideas


I was running out of ideas for my video so I had my coworkers tell me their bad habits. Now the hard part is to get myself motivated to do it when I work 12 hr shifts. Ah.

BH #23 – eating dirty produce


I personally tend to not wash my produce, because I just assume that it’s clean. BUT you should ALWAYS pre-wash, wash, extra wash everything that goes into your mouth. This is a personal Bad habit of mine. I am not ashamed..

I still haven’t invested in a good tripod yet, but as said in the last post, I am working with what I have.
Also, I added credits and extended the time. Im hoping to get the future videos run for 20 seconds but no more than 30.




I wish I could still rent out tripods from the library but I can’t. Ive asking people for some recommendations for a solid tripod so im hoping to buy it by the end of the week.

For now I’ve been using random stuff I find like cucumbers. HA! Its not the exact angles I was going for but it will have to do.

Final Week


Well, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot through this class and I am now ready to go into video 1 next semester.
I wanted to make a final video but unfortunately, the library ran out of tripods. So, I need to do some research on nice tripods and recorders that I can invest in.

Final BH week


This was our final week and finals week so I was CRAMMED with so many projects. Im not sure if I can recover from such lack of sleep. Everyday, I had to make a BH this week and I wished I had more time. I had better ideas for this week but since the lack of time with all of my projects, I had to sacrifice. The last video, falling asleep working, gave me the hardest time. I didn’t have a tripod, so I had to use what ever was in my room to lift it up. Also, I couldn’t control the white balance. I tried different settings but it kept going back to yellow whenever it started recording.