BH #11

Road rage! Everyone has one, even if it only comes out once a year.

For my 11th bad habit, I filmed inside of my car while driving. I drove around for 15 minutes to get driving shots, with a tripod secured onto my seat. Then I shot myself for 20-30 mins with different angles and such. I was worried that my camera was going to fall off of the dash board because nothing was securing it in place.When I was filming myself, I saw Dylan riding his scooter on OSU campus (fun fact).

With this video, I had too much things recorded that it took longer to edit. I wanted to start by showing the roads and people driving, then showing my road rage. Because of the limited time, I thought it would be best to just show me, and my anger towards other drivers.  Also, since it was so early in the morning, there weren’t a lot of drivers and pedestrians.


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