BH #6

Yes yes, we don’t want to have dry hands, but we still need to wash our hands after using the restroom. I read a confession online few years back where a girl would turn the water on to pretend to wash her hands. She wanted to make sure it sounded like she was washing her hands just incase others were listening . I know dry hands are harsh in the winter, but please, wash your hands.

After making few videos, I’m beginning to face some challenges. Having a one person crew is difficult to work with. Since I have to be my own actress, I have to be in front and behind the camera.

There are two things that I am having a hard time with.

1. Focusing without anyone in the shot.

This is pretty much guess and check work, and after many failed shots, it gets annoying and it drives me crazy. If I run out of time, I am just stuck with an unfocused shot.

2. Acting

I’m no actor, but I try to the best of my abilities. I try not to be too awkward and be as natural as I can. When I try to avoid the camera, it feels like I’m avoiding someone’s eye contact when I do something wrong.

Sometime in the near future, I would like to add some of my humor into it. My professor, Cat, gave me a great idea that I think I could make it work. I’m just hoping that my acting ill pull through.



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