Bad Habit #2

Talking with a full mouth and/or chewing with your mouth open is the next bad habit I wanted to brush on. Not only is it a bad habit, it is one of my pet peeves. I do not want to see food in people’s mouth as they’re chewing, nor do I want to have food particle shot at me.

Today, we shot the video at pot belly’s. My friends were nice enough to let me shoot them at their dinner last meeting. Surprisingly they also had a pet peeve when people chew with their mouths open, so it was hard for them to look natural eating with their mouths open.

When I was filming, I was too ambitious with my variety of angles because I forgot about the time limit. So, when I got home, 99% of the footage had to be thrown away. I’m still trying to get use to this 15 second limit but it’s still challenging for me. I still need to somehow make it flow better, not chop off the ending because my time is up.
I will add that to the things I need to improve on.


One thought on “Bad Habit #2

  1. I think the biggest thing in this one is sound. The background noise of other people talking is pretty loud. But this is pretty much an accurate description of how annoying this habit is.

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