From Bad Habits to Creative habits



1. An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary

We all have habits that are considered “bad.”
With this creative habit project, I wanted to shoot short clips of people’s bad habits. It will be shot indoor, outdoor, night and day, whenever it needs to be shot. Since these videos has to be less than 15 seconds, I was thinking 3 different shots/angles max. For sound I wanted to have organic sounds, or create my own sounds that will fit the footage. 
These posts goals are mandatory for everyone:

Post a minimum of twice a week.

  • Tuesdays by 10:45a you will post the work completed during class. Go to your homeroom for both days from here on out (unless we have a Tuesday presenter). Title your post as follows: “4/8/14 Workday“, then write your post, including language about your work, images of your process. Share this day’s progress in the post, and include your perspective and reaction to what’s happening in your head as  you are doing the work. It may include discussion on the logistics of creating, discoveries while using the tools you are learning, or how you feel this repetitive focus is helping you grow into your chosen major.
  • Wednesdays, by 11:59p you will post 5 days of the work you completed in the last 5 days. Share your visual progress in scans or digital camera pics of your drawn pages. If you prefer to post on the daily (we welcome that!), then pick one of your best works per day and share that content by Wednesday eve.

If you do not post by Tuesday at 10:45a AND by Wednesday, 11:59p, you will receive a ZERO for that week’s grade.


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