BH #17


If you’re taking care of business, take care of your business and nothing else. Especially in public bathroom, because I don’t know if the person next to me is talking on the phone or to me. Don’t worry, I wasn’t really using the restroom while shooting this scene.


BH #16


Today, I missed class, because of the stupid choices I made the night before.

With this one, I wanted to shoot inside the house just in case I got sick again. Since I had an extra actor (my dog) I decided to use her. Since she only has three legs, she has a very restricted diet. If she gains any weight, her legs wouldn’t be able to support her. So, it’s very important that she’s not fed under the table.

I thought the lighting was pretty nice because of the open window wall. I was worried about being too bright because I’m still not too sure how much lighting a scene needs or not. I also keep forgetting to change white balance and the exposure before I shoot, a bad habit of mine.

BH #14


Well, I finally got to a video where I got to be two characters. I wish my acting skills were a lot better, but this was an “ok” attempt. So please excuse my lack of acting skills. I can’t explain how embarrassing this was for me to shoot and watch the final product.
I watched the notebook not too long ago, and I guess I got my inspiration from one of the scenes.
A lot of girls, including myself are really indecisive when it comes to choosing a restaurant. I can really see how annoying it could get.
I really want to do more of these because I think I can make it work and better. Also, I’m hoping to be more comfortable seeing my awkward self on screen.

BH #12


Not only is throwing away food is wasting food, it’s also wasting your money and fridge space. I actually bought these strawberries before I started the creative habit. I knew I wanted to do a wasting food video because my sister is horrible with keeping track of her groceries. So, I had to look at these moldy strawberries for couple weeks and it felt great throwing them out.

One problem I did notice in this video is that some of the shots were not in focus or was focused on the wrong parts. Maybe, I should get a life-size cut out of myself so it would be easier to focus.

BH #11


Road rage! Everyone has one, even if it only comes out once a year.

For my 11th bad habit, I filmed inside of my car while driving. I drove around for 15 minutes to get driving shots, with a tripod secured onto my seat. Then I shot myself for 20-30 mins with different angles and such. I was worried that my camera was going to fall off of the dash board because nothing was securing it in place.When I was filming myself, I saw Dylan riding his scooter on OSU campus (fun fact).

With this video, I had too much things recorded that it took longer to edit. I wanted to start by showing the roads and people driving, then showing my road rage. Because of the limited time, I thought it would be best to just show me, and my anger towards other drivers.  Also, since it was so early in the morning, there weren’t a lot of drivers and pedestrians.

BH # 10


Over competitiveness can be the ace in a team, or a black hole. I think they usually take the fun away from it all. My friend didn’t really have to act because she in real life is super competitive.

With this video, I borrowed a steady cam from my friend to shoot the action shots. It was much harder than I expected. First, it was really heavy and trying to move it where it looked smooth was challenging. Also, I couldn’t manually focus while I was shooting because, well, I’m not too coordinated while running. But, I would like to get better with a steady cam because it will deliver nicely, once I can master it.

BH #9


Is it possible to be sanitary at a picnic/cook out? Maybe but probably not.

I brought my camera just in case I thought of something during this cook out. Then I thought to have the griller “accidentally” drop something on the floor and put it back on the  grill. I was shooting and forgot to change the white balance, so I had to shoot it again.