Tuesday morning we had another usual meeting. This time we met at 9, which I am very thankful for. Through out this meeting we reshot voices for the Rebecca, trial shots for our movie poster. Our original idea for the movie poster was to have a grapefruit with blood and a knife because in one of the scenes, Maya cuts a bloody grapefruit. But, we didn’t have an extra grapefruit on set so we had to take that element out. Towards the end, we thought it looked cool to take a picture of a bloody knife standing in mid air with blood underneath. Kayla, in charge of marketing seemed confident and knew what she was doing, so I’m expecting to see an awesome poster or the final edit tomorrow! Also, we went over the editing process. I didn’t know there were so many edits! With our team, we will have 3 stages, everyday (?) cut, editor’s cut and the director’s cut. But anyone is welcome to edit on the director’s cut, because I will need all the help I can get. I have to say, he closer we are to finishing, the more excited I get, and the more I wonder about how other teams are doing.



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