Final Filming

Before we went off to do our own things during break, the team decided that we would shoot on Sunday 3/23, if it works out with our actress, Angelina. The crew would meet at Tamrin’s house around 2 to prepare everything, and figure out all the lighting situations before Angelina gets there.

Unfortunately, since I called off work couple weekends ago, I couldn’t afford to call off again, and what was worse was my shift was 4:30 to close. So, I stayed as long as I could and long enough to introduce myself to Angelina and leave. I felt very uncomfortable leaving the set, because I had a lot of responsibilities as a new director. Thankfully, everyone was understanding and stepped up helping directing. Throughout my shift, I texted Tamrin to know how things were going. Also, they finished filming when my restaurant closed, which was another bad timing.

Now we are just left with editing, marketing and sound design.

We’re so close but so far!


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