Before Break

Well, it has been a while since I posted, so I will try my best remember everything that happened.

Right before break, we had some issues with our actress so we had to find a new one fast. Luckily it all worked out after all because someone from OSU emailed Anthony back showing interest in playing Maya’s part. Even with this luck, it meant we had to shoot everything from scratch so we were only left with few options. Also, since everything happened right before break, we didn’t have the chance of shooting.

On 3/13,  we had a group meeting. Since our director wasn’t there, I felt as the assistant director to fill his shoes and meet with the executive directors. During that meeting the executive directors thought it would be best for the group to switch out couple role. Which meant Anthony and I would swap out our role. At that point I was very nervous but excited to be a director. I had no idea what it meant to be a director but I knew it would be a good learning project. Later on that day, few of the crew (Dylan, Tamrin, Malini, and I) met up to simplify the script as much as we could. We were worried that we were going to run into problems with the script writers but we didn’t have time to do anything about it. Like the producers told us, do what ever is necessary to finish it.



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