First day of shoot

I have so much to update from last weekend! First, our group decided that we weren’t ready to shoot on friday. This worried me because I work on the weekends from 4:30-10:30 PM (dinner shift). So, I had to beg my coworker to cover my shift for saturday night, and luckily he was kind enough to pick it up.

On Saturday, I came back to campus around noon to pick up few crew members to where we were shooting. Since it was SUCH a nice day, we decided that filming outside that day would have been a better choice than after spring break. So, we drove over to Franklin Park. We weren’t sure where Parker located the two benches for one of our scenes, so we just ended up moving some benches around.

When we were ready to shoot, I noticed Dylan changing his lens a lot. Kindly, he was explained to me the different types of lens and the difference between them. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he said… but I appreciated it. Throughout the day, I had opportunity of just being next to Dylan and Anthony, and helping them out with whatever they needed. This may include: helping carry equipments, keeping storyboards and script on hand to tell them what were missing in a scene, etc.

I’d say we had a very productive day, and hopefully they had another one on sunday.


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