Our group met again on Tuesday night to go over and finalize the storyboard and script. I’m glad we met because this project has such a time crunch, and we could never have too much time. First thing I noticed in this meeting is that the team seemed more comfortable with each other than our last meeting, at least it was for me.  In this meeting we cleared up the confusions we had with the script. We also made sure that we weren’t biting off more than we can chew. Everyone agreed that we should have a simple idea and  script and have the best video, rather than an extravagant idea that was produced poorly. Also, since we need props for this video, I volunteered to gather some of the materials with couple other teammates. Since most of our prop list is pretty generic, house hold items, I don’t think we would have problems with the $50 budget. One thing that does consider me on the prop list was a bed. I looked on craigslist but none came up around our budget. Then I was thinking thrift store, but I never seen beds at thrift store. But other teammates said they have seen them before at thrift stores so I’m hoping its true! Tomorrow (thursday), we plan on creating and finalizing timeline for this weekend for our shoots.

*Unfortunately, because of my part time job as a waitress, I wouldn’t be able to make the shooting on Saturday and Sunday. BUT, I am going to do my best to do as MUCH as I can on Friday.

*Another side note: We were talking about renting equipments and I got so excited to see how all these work, because I have never seen professional equipments and lighting. I am also very excited to see how Anthony is going to direct and Dylan filming. I’m just super excited to be in this setting that is provided through this project.

I’m really excited for this project!


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