Final filming update


Since we had a limited crew on sunday, we had to step up for other roles. For me, I worked on documenting, sound, set assistant. Naomi really stepped up with directing because she knew exactly what she wanted. Even though it was a lot of work, there were times of laughter and bonding. I still wish we could do another group project for our next project.


Final filming



During our last meeting, Naomi explained to us the shots she wanted for our video to improve. I also agreed because after looking at all the scenes, I noticed that most of our shots are wide shots and very little close ups. Also we needed few transitioning scenes to make the scenes to flow better. So, Anthony contacted our actress to shoot on Saturday noon.

So on Saturday,  we decided that this day we would have a smaller crew on set because we thought that a bigger crew would be more of a hassle. Our crew consisted of Dylan, Tamrin, Naomi, and I. We met up at 11 to prep before our actress got there. I thought that we worked fast for the amount of scenes we shot. We started at 12 and ended around 3:40, which was perfect timing to go to work. At the end of the shoot I was exhauated, even though I didn`t do much work.

I have better quality shots on my dslr but I accidentally left it at Tamrin’s after the shoot.

Thurs meeting


Today for our meeting, we reshot the our interview. In the picture, we are waiting for our turns to be interviewed. I get really nervous in front cameras so I sounded really dumb and kept mumbling. I also forgot my glasses this morning so my face felt super awkward. Hopefully they have useable footage me.



Today, thanks to Dylan, the team found out that there is a wordpress app. I found this VERY convinient because I can literally post during a meeting in a very short ampunt of time.
So everyone that blogs, download this app.
You can thank me later.


Tuesday morning we had another usual meeting. This time we met at 9, which I am very thankful for. Through out this meeting we reshot voices for the Rebecca, trial shots for our movie poster. Our original idea for the movie poster was to have a grapefruit with blood and a knife because in one of the scenes, Maya cuts a bloody grapefruit. But, we didn’t have an extra grapefruit on set so we had to take that element out. Towards the end, we thought it looked cool to take a picture of a bloody knife standing in mid air with blood underneath. Kayla, in charge of marketing seemed confident and knew what she was doing, so I’m expecting to see an awesome poster or the final edit tomorrow! Also, we went over the editing process. I didn’t know there were so many edits! With our team, we will have 3 stages, everyday (?) cut, editor’s cut and the director’s cut. But anyone is welcome to edit on the director’s cut, because I will need all the help I can get. I have to say, he closer we are to finishing, the more excited I get, and the more I wonder about how other teams are doing.


Final Filming

Before we went off to do our own things during break, the team decided that we would shoot on Sunday 3/23, if it works out with our actress, Angelina. The crew would meet at Tamrin’s house around 2 to prepare everything, and figure out all the lighting situations before Angelina gets there.

Unfortunately, since I called off work couple weekends ago, I couldn’t afford to call off again, and what was worse was my shift was 4:30 to close. So, I stayed as long as I could and long enough to introduce myself to Angelina and leave. I felt very uncomfortable leaving the set, because I had a lot of responsibilities as a new director. Thankfully, everyone was understanding and stepped up helping directing. Throughout my shift, I texted Tamrin to know how things were going. Also, they finished filming when my restaurant closed, which was another bad timing.

Now we are just left with editing, marketing and sound design.

We’re so close but so far!

Before Break

Well, it has been a while since I posted, so I will try my best remember everything that happened.

Right before break, we had some issues with our actress so we had to find a new one fast. Luckily it all worked out after all because someone from OSU emailed Anthony back showing interest in playing Maya’s part. Even with this luck, it meant we had to shoot everything from scratch so we were only left with few options. Also, since everything happened right before break, we didn’t have the chance of shooting.

On 3/13,  we had a group meeting. Since our director wasn’t there, I felt as the assistant director to fill his shoes and meet with the executive directors. During that meeting the executive directors thought it would be best for the group to switch out couple role. Which meant Anthony and I would swap out our role. At that point I was very nervous but excited to be a director. I had no idea what it meant to be a director but I knew it would be a good learning project. Later on that day, few of the crew (Dylan, Tamrin, Malini, and I) met up to simplify the script as much as we could. We were worried that we were going to run into problems with the script writers but we didn’t have time to do anything about it. Like the producers told us, do what ever is necessary to finish it.


More progress

Last Tuesday, we went over what scenes we have left to do and when we are going to do it. Also, we talked briefly about color pallet, shot interviews for documentary, and recorded necessary sounds in the sound booth. I never knew this school had so many cool rooms and the opportunity it gives. It made me excited for the classes I will choose and take my upcoming years.

Over all, I think that our group is on schedule, and having Naomi working on editing over spring break will help so much more.

First day of shoot

I have so much to update from last weekend! First, our group decided that we weren’t ready to shoot on friday. This worried me because I work on the weekends from 4:30-10:30 PM (dinner shift). So, I had to beg my coworker to cover my shift for saturday night, and luckily he was kind enough to pick it up.

On Saturday, I came back to campus around noon to pick up few crew members to where we were shooting. Since it was SUCH a nice day, we decided that filming outside that day would have been a better choice than after spring break. So, we drove over to Franklin Park. We weren’t sure where Parker located the two benches for one of our scenes, so we just ended up moving some benches around.

When we were ready to shoot, I noticed Dylan changing his lens a lot. Kindly, he was explained to me the different types of lens and the difference between them. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he said… but I appreciated it. Throughout the day, I had opportunity of just being next to Dylan and Anthony, and helping them out with whatever they needed. This may include: helping carry equipments, keeping storyboards and script on hand to tell them what were missing in a scene, etc.

I’d say we had a very productive day, and hopefully they had another one on sunday.



This was my portion of the props that we need to get. I gathered up a kitchen knife, hair dryer, towel, newspapers, and frames. I had most of it except for the frames and newspapers, but those are cheap and easy find. I wasn’t sure how many pictures we were going to print off, so I bought 5 different kinds of frames.