Assistant Director


I was searching how to be a good assistant director, and I thought this was a helpful video to get me started.


Pipeline Roles



The final top 3 choices for the pipeline project were: Braden, Lauren, and Dylan. They all proposed interesting ideas, but I chose to be in Dylan’s group. Not only did I thought that he had the best idea, I’ve watched his progress with his last project, and I thought I could learn more being on his team. I’m hoping this could help me get a better idea of majoring in cinematic arts. My role for this pipeline project is an assistant director. I was originally asked to be the set assistant, but I wanted to extend my limited knowledge on filming process. So, I asked to be the assistant director (Anthony Sherbun will be the director). This way, I will be more active in this project and I get to see how shooting process goes.

Also, I looked up how to be an assistant director on google and came up with this. 

Job Description

Pipeline Proposal

Proposal PDF

Click the top link to see my pipeline proposal. I can’t wait to see my classmates’ proposals.

I don’t know if I have too much on my hands. But I rather have too much and take away few scenes than not having enough. I also do not know how much animation will go in this so I will probably need at least couple people working on the animations.

My proposal choice

My 5 ideas for this project were:

Video- clips of obnoxious things that others do

Video- Pranks at OSU

Stop motion- wooden mannequin’s life in a day

Stop motion- food in the fridge interacting with each other

Stop motion- wooden mannequin interacting with 2-D drawings/animation

What I want to do out of these is the last one with a wooden mannequin interaction with 2-D animation.


When our class was presented with project 2, I was blown out of the water. There is so much we can do because there’s not much limitation with this project. The only thing we need to include is to get 15 people working on the film with you. That was where it got overwhelming because I have never worked on a project with more than a handful of people.

Even though editing was a tedious job, I really enjoyed filming. So I was thinking of filming again for my second project, or even trying stop motion clip. If I wanted to do a video, I wanted to do something humorous. Maybe like a prank?
Also if I were to do a prank, I would like to do it at OSU, because there are far more people on their campus than ours.

Final Edits

To make my video better than last week’s, I took most of the advices that were given to me. To start, I took out the original watch scene and added a more natural/relatable scene at Starbucks. I also changed my sand timer scene as well. Then I added the scene I posted in the last post.

Unfortunately, I had trouble exporting because, my dramatic ticking sounds weren’t coming through. I tried looking it up and tried many different ways to export it. No luck yet.

Additional scene


Additional scene

When I think of time, I thought of the cross walk with its 15 seconds walking period. So, instead of adding a scene of students looking at the clock in the classroom, I added this scene in. I shot this on the street in front on the union. I kept getting interrupted by homeless people so I kept having to reshoot this scene. Also, the weather was in the single digits so I couldn’t stay outside for long, but I think I got enough to work with.