Filtered Idea

Filtered Idea

After hearing all the suggestions from my classmates, I figured I wanted to use time to tell time and control how long my viewers can engage with it.
To start off, I would have about 5 different ways to keep track of time: smart phone, flip phone, watch, candle clock, and a sunset. Between all of these forms, I would show a brief moment of a clock going backwards. Representing time going backwards to show the progress of time tracking of mankind. The final scene would be a sunset in elapsed time and dim the screen to pitch black.


2 thoughts on “Filtered Idea

  1. With the interaction of the actual objects with the phones and playing with sound I believe you could really play around with that. Like for the smartphone maybe have the camera pan past a person-maybe a businessman or whatnot-and show that they’re are just engrossed in their phone as they walk to whatever destination. Sounds of their surroundings can stream through; maybe the sounds of their phone as they text or whatever are enhanced or you hear their alarm go off. Then sound just cuts off and all you hear is a loud TICK when it pans to the Clock moving backwards.

    You can also be simple and just show like moments where how each phone was used. Like the smart phones are now primarily used as computers. Flip phones were just used for talking. Ect. ect.

    Go with whatever you feel you want to do 😀

    Also heres that symmetry video that captures moments.

  2. Doing more research would be really cool. There’s so many other “clocks” out there. Using a gif could be interesting because you can take a photo of each minute and just put them backwards to show time going back. This definitely sounds like a really interesting idea.

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