progress #2

progress #2

Then I tried to approach this with more connection between all three of the thumbnail/ideas.
The first set of ideas was with how people just label other individuals to a certain group. Race, sexual orientation, and religion was the three I ended up choosing.
Second set of ideas revolved around time. There has always been 60 seconds a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and so on. The amount of time will never change, but the way we keep it evolved ever so greatly. Sun dial was invented nearly 6000 years ago (My mind is still blown how early on they invented these.) Then more recently we used clocks and watches. Now a days, watches are more of a luxury item and most of us use our cell phones for time.
Lastly, since it is January, a lot of people will have new years resolution. I thought the top three would be to get organized, lose weight, and learn something new everyday. And of course, most of these would be out of our minds within a month, or even a week.


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